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"Edventures" in learning for preschoolers to collegiates

Teachers at Benson School

Teachers at Benson School. Left to right: unident., unident., unident., Nell Whipple, Arctura Sprague, Jenny Cook (undated)

The Museums of the Umpqua Valley offer a myriad of fun, interactive and hands-on experience for children of all ages. Browse the briefs below and contact our Education Director for further information and pricing.


“Picture Perfect” Historic Snapshots

All Grades

The Douglas County Museum has an amazing archive of more than 24,000 historic photos. These photos are available to educators as digital images for teachers to use them as supplemental visual components within the classroom.



Self-Guided Field Trips

All Grades

Coming Soon!

Field Trip FAQs

Here is a list of frequently asked questions concerning field trips at the museum Click here

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