Support Your Museums

The Vital link between past and present

Embarking on a journey to preserve our cultural heritage and foster a deeper understanding of the past, supporting our museums through donation transcends the boundaries of time. We stand as living repositories of history, art, and knowledge, acting as the keeper of stories that defined experiences in the Umpqua Valley. By contributing, you not only participate in the conservation of our collective heritage but also ensure that future generations have access to our local history. Every contribution, whether large or small, supports the enlightenment and enrichment of the Douglas County community.

Donor Opportunities

Thanks to our donors for their support! These are some of the great projects donors have helped make possible:

  • O&C Rail Car #3001 Restoration
  • Ancient Oregon Exhibit
  • A total renovation of Umpqua River Lighthouse exhibits
  • “Junior Naturalists” and “Wagons West” hands on exhibits
  • “Discover the Umpqua!” preschool activity area

If you would like to find out more about how you can support museum efforts such as these, please fill out the form below.